Making convenience the key we offer the domestic consumer the ideal pack sizes of 12.5Kg, 5Kg and 2Kg cylinders for their energy needs. The pioneer of innovation in the industry, LAUGFS Gas PLC, takes pride in its introduction of the 5Kg cylinder which is ideal for the domestic consumer. The cylinder which is economical, easy to handle and ideal for storage has become a revolution in the market bringing the factor of convenience to the domestic household.

As complete a solution we offer accessories of the highest international standards for the domestic consumer with a range of products such as the universal regulator, hose, clips and lanterns. The complete product portfolio is available for you with over 3000 dealers island wide strategically placed for your convenience

12.5 kg gas
12.5 kg
5 kg gas
5 kg
2 kg gas
2 kg
2 kg gas
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