Social Commitment

LAUGFS Gas PLC is a subsidiary of LAUGFS Holdings Limited. Apart from being in the energy sector, the company is well positioned in other sectors namely Services, Leisure and Property, assisting every Sri Lankan in fulfilling their daily activities.

As a homegrown organization, LAUGFS Gas PLC is a socially responsible organization, giving back to the society whenever possible. With various projects to improve the living standards of society and to protect treasured Sri Lankan heritage.

Dalada Maligawa

LAUGFS Gas provides free of charge LPG for all Dalada Maligawa staff and priests, supplied monthly in order to support the smooth running of religious rights of the sacred institute.

laugfs social
laugfs social

Sri Pada - Adams Peak

Free of charge gas and gas lines are supplied to serve the Adam’s Peak staff and priests. This is provided for 2 reasons: the daily usage of LPG and the weekly offering to the Sumana Saman Dewalaya. We at LAUGFS have taken it upon ourselves to support this symbolic religious monument close to all Sri Lankan hearts.

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